Dieppe, sur le port

Témoignage du voyageur anglais John Evelyn (21 mars 1644)

The port is commodious ; but the entrance difficult. It has one very ample and fair street, in which is a pretty church. The fort Pollet consists of a strong earth-work, and commands the haven, as on the other side does the castle, which is also well fortified, with the citadel before it ; nor is the town itself a little strong. It abounds with workmen, who make and sell curiosities of ivory, and tortoise-shells ; and indeed whatever the East Indies afford of cabinets, porcelain, natural and exotic rarities, are here to be had, with abundant choice.

(The diary of John Evelyn, Ed. William Bray, J.M. DENT et E.P DULTON, London-New York, 1905, Tome 1, p.62.)