Cabinet d'un peintre

Témoignage du voyageur anglais John Evelyn (1644).

[1644] Next mor­ning, we were invi­ted by a pain­ter, who was kee­per of the pic­ture and rari­ties, to see his own col­lec­tion. We were led through a gal­le­ry of old Rosso’s work, at the end of which, in ano­ther cabi­net, were three Madon­nas of Raphael, and two of Andrea del Sar­to. In the Aca­de­my where the pain­ter him­self wrought, was a St. Michael, of Raphael, very rare ; St. John Bap­tist, of Leo­nar­do, and a Woman’s head ; a Queen of Sici­ly, and St. Mar­ga­ret, of Raphael ; two Madon­na, whe­reof one very large, by the same hand ; some more of del Sar­to ; a St. Jerome, of Per­ino del Vaga ; the Rape of Pro­ser­pine, very good ; and a great num­ber of dra­wings.

(The dia­ry of John Eve­lyn, Ed. William Bray, J.M. DENT et E.P DULTON, Lon­don-New York, 1905, Tome 1, p.60.)