Paris, Jardin royal

Témoignage du voyageur anglais John Evelyn (1644).

[1644] 8th. I took coach and went to see the famous Jar­dine Royale, which is an enclo­sure wal­led in, consis­ting of all varie­ties of ground for plan­ting and culture of medi­cal simples. It is well cho­sen, having in it hil­ls, mea­dows, wood and upland, natu­ral and arti­fi­cial, and is richly sto­red with exo­tic plants. In the middle of the par­terre is a fair foun­tain. There is a very fine house, cha­pel, labo­ra­to­ry, oran­ge­ry, and other accom­mo­da­tions for the Pre­sident, who is always one of the king’s chief phy­si­cians.

(The dia­ry of John Eve­lyn, Ed. William Bray, J.M. DENT et E.P DULTON, Lon­don-New York, 1905, Tome 1, p.51.)