Cabinet de Hendrick, Frederick (prince d'Orange et comte de Nassau)

Témoignage du voyageur anglais John Evelyn (1641-42).

[1641–42] As I retur­ned, I diver­ted to see one of the Prince’s Palaces, cal­led the hoff Van Hounsler’s Dyck, a very fair clois­te­red and qua­dran­gu­lar buil­ding. The gal­le­ry is pret­ti­ly pain­ted with seve­ral hun­tings, and at one end a gor­dian knot, with rus­ti­cal ins­tru­ments so arti­fi­cial­ly repre­sen­ted, as to deceive an accu­rate eye to dis­tin­guish it from actual relie­vo. The cei­ling of the stair­case is pain­ted with the “Rape of Gany­mede,” and other pen­dant figures, the work of  F. Coven­berg, of whose hand I bought an excellent drol­le­ry, which I after­wards par­ted with to my bro­ther George of Wot­ton, where it now hangs1. To this palace join a fair gar­den and park, curious­ly plan­ted with limes.

1It is still there
(The dia­ry of John Eve­lyn, Ed. William Bray, J.M. DENT et E.P DULTON, Lon­don-New York, 1905, Tome 1, p.29–30.)

Voir gra­vure repré­sen­tant la demeure du Prince dans Wal­ter A. Liedtke et alii, Ver­meer and the Delft School, NY, Metro­po­li­tan Museum of Art, 2001, fig. 10, p. 9).