Jardin de Monte Cavallo

Témoignage de John Evelyn (1644)

The gar­den, which is cal­led the Bel­ve­dere di Monte Caval­lo, in emu­la­tion to that of the Vati­can, is most excellent for air and pros­pect ; its exqui­site foun­tains, close walks, grots, pis­ci­nas, or stews for fish, plan­ted about with vene­rable cypresses, and refre­shed with water-music, avia­ries, and other rari­ties.

(The dia­ry of John Eve­lyn, Ed. William Bray, J.M. DENT et E.P DULTON, Lon­don-New York, 1905, Tome I, p.111.)